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Nourish Your Skin



This particular service is beneficial to everyone, no matter their experience with skin care treatments. Among its benefits, this specific facial is completely customized to your skin and what it needs as well as what you're looking to improve. You will enjoy a deep cleanse, skin analysis, customized exfoliation, extractions if necessary and desired, a custom treatment masque, finishing with serums and moisturizer. In between those steps you will enjoy various massage techniques targeted at relaxation and recharging your mind and body.


This is one of our most popular services, helping clients achieve the beloved glow. This treatment centers around exfoliating and moisturizing the skin all while ridding the vellus hair or "peach fuzz" with a medical grade blade. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, skin analysis, dermaplaning exfoliation, customized treatment masque, facial massage/lymphatic drainage, finishing serums and moisturizer. 

Image by Matthew Brodeur


This widely popular service is based on the belief that mental and physical skin health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. With this therapy, we will address the skin with the ultimate healing and stress relieving ingredient - CBD. Our products used during this treatment are a combination of Code of Harmony and GlyMed Plus. This treatment is good for oily, sensitive, and mature skin. The facial will include a deep cleanse, skin analysis, customized exfoliation, extractions, treatment masque, facial massage/lymphatic drainage, finishing serums and moisturizer.


Enjoy the benefits of changing treatments and products with the seasons. Each product and manipulation is strategically picked out by your aesthetician to correlate with what is best for the skin during that given month.

Image by Katarzyna Kos
Colorful Crystal


Align your skin and spirit with a 90 minute treatment targeting blissful relaxation. Enjoy a deep skin cleansing and exfoliating with products customized for your skin, gua sha lymphatic and tightening massage, a jelly masque accompanied with healing crystals to balance your mind and body. And as with every facial, finishing with custom serums and moisturizer.


Illuminate your skin with a deep emphasis on exfoliating and brightening in a 75 minute treatment. Enjoy a deep cleanse, dermaplaning exfoliation, ultrasonic cleansing, followed by an enzyme exfoliating masque. Continuing on with extractions if necessary and desired, a customized treatment masque, microcurrent to lift and tighten the skin. As always, custom serums and moisturizer.

Image by Rodion Kutsaev



Rejuvenate your skin with this specifically targeted specialty service. We will use a medical grade CIT pen machine to create micro injuries to the skin resulting in the body healing itself. Microneedling reduces the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and promotes whole skin rejuvenation. We use topical numbing agents to ensure comfort during the service. 

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